Equilibrium CBD shot oil drops are made from an extract which has gone
through the highest level of refinement, resulting in a completely THC free
CBD oil. It has gone through all the refinements steps of our purified range,
but is triple filtered and further distilled to produce a flavourless CBD oil
perfect for adding to your favourite coffee, although equally can be taken on
their own if someone is looking to take CBD but does not want any THC (for
fear of failing work drug tests etc)

• 1000mg (10%) CBD

• THC free oil

• Flavourless all most clear oil

• Solvent free CO2 extracted for purest safest extract

• Fully activated / decarboxylated CBD
content > winterised > triple filtered

• Full spectrum including CBD-V, CBC,

• Terpene profile beta caryophyllene,
humulene, myrcene

• MCT base oil for increased absorption


A wide range of CBD products are available to purchase online or by visiting our Brighton Store at 8 Gardner Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 1UP, Call us on 01273 602890 for more details