Enjoy the soothing and rejuvenating benefits of this selection of CBD Face Masks from CBDFX. Choose from five nourishing aromas; Hemp Aloe Vera, Hemp Charcoal, Hemp Cucumber, Hemp Lavender and Hemp Rose and instantly feel the benefits on your skin.

Each face mask has its own unique benefits to help with different skin types and needs:

Hemp Aloe Vera: This has healing and tightening benefits which enhance your natural glow and leave you feeling refreshed.
Hemp Charcoal: Charcoal masks are well known for being purifying and brightening for the skin as they flush out toxins and clear pores.
Hemp Cucumber: Perfect for hydrating and tightening, this cucumber face mask will soothe and refresh your skin.
Hemp Lavender Night: Use this face mask at night to restore and detox your skin.
Hemp Rose: Tone and moisturise your skin with this delicate and fragrant mask.

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